About Us


Grow through Play was formed in 2004, when Stuart Beare bought Chapel Leisure, a company distributing children's coin operated vehicles and driving school attractions, within the UK.

The ethos behind the company is to help clients maximise their potential by developing attractions where children will GROW in confidence and learn through PLAY.

Innovative Ideas

The Barrel train is a US innovation and was first introduced at Tulleys Farm in 2001, this prototype paved the way and the Barrel Train (Barrel Bug) ride was developed and went into production in 2005.

Stuart Beare

Stuart is a partner in Tulleys Farm, Turners Hill, Sussex, which had it's roots in PYO crops and Farm Shop retailing in the past.

Stuart has a wealth of experience in the farm retail and seasonal attractions sector and has travelled widely, speaking at conferences in the US, Canada and here in the UK.

Tulleys Farm

Tulleys Farm has now embraced seasonal and specialist entertainment, which includes the Escape Rooms & Games, an all year round attraction boasting five exciting Escape Rooms and two ingenious Escape Games, as well as an online Teams Game.

Tulleys biggest attraction by far is the UK's largest Halloween Event in October, Shocktober Fest.

Closely followed by the ever growing 'Family Christmas', quickly gaining the reputation as the "Best Christmas Event" for many families.

Tulleys also have two PYO seasonal events with a rustic festival vibe, PYO Sunflowers, PYO Pumpkins and Pumpkin Nights, both of which are proving very popular across the age ranges.

Tulleys Farm is also the ideal place to hold Corporate Events, from a purpose built conference room, to a cinema screen sized gathering, and with vast open spaces available we can accomodate a full bespoke festival/party. Our Corporate Entertainment Team are ready to help.